The Artists

These two shows are organised, co-ordinated and curated by the third year Fine Art Class at the Cambridge School of Art

The students in our class hold a large variety of mediums, these include installation, photography, textile, sculpture, multimedia, graphic design, video, film, theatre, performance, collage, painting and montage.  

The artists taking part in these two shows include:

Zohal Aseemi - painting

Jacqueline Berg - photography, montage, sculpture (website)

Mark Bush - installation & site-specific (website)

Rosemary Cullum- painting, sculpture & found objects (website)

Sophie Dall - illustration, painting & found objects (website)

Kirsty Davis - photographer, painting & illustration (website

Eloise Denton - montage, collage & found objects

Chloe Elms - print-making

Jonathan Fearon-Harrison - painting (website)

Rosie Goring - print-making, illustration & 3-D

Delfina Heskett - painting & sculpture

Tom Hiscocks - sculpture, painting & graphics (website)

Naomi Holberry - textiles, video & performance

Simon Hush - painting & graffiti (website)

Emma James - conceptual & found objects 

Susie Johnson - print-making, illustration & 3-D

Tom Juggins - 3-D, photography & installation (website

Catherine Lalevee - video, photography & site-specific (website

Jennifer Langridge - collage, painting & found images (website

Sharon Nightingale - textiles, montage & installation

Eleanor Notman - photography, montage & painting

Kati Simpson - found objects, montage & sculpture

Laurie Straiton - illustration, painting & photography

Madeleine Taylor - scuplture & 3-D

Seana Wilson - illustrator& painting

Demi Walter - painting, 3-D & photography

Kian Ziari - painting (website